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Gordon Moore wearing a suit

Specialised Hardware to Extend Moore's Law

As Moore’s Law continues to become less accurate, computer scientists have had to become more clever to satisfy the economy’s need for speed. One way this has happened is with the increased number of specialised hardware components.

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At WIRED's Helm

WIRED (officially the Faculty of Information Technology Society), is Monash University’s official IT club. I have lead this club for two years, and now that I have resigned I thought I would write about my experiences and lessons learned...

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An Environmentalist Case for Complexity Theory

Computational complexity theory is not the most popular topic of computer science undergrads, but if speed and memory efficiency are not enough to motivate you to learn about it, how about environmentalism?

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Study Smart, Not Hard, with StudyStreaks

Studying and staying motivated weren’t easy before, and now it is harder than ever with all the distractions of the home. Therefore, I thought I would walk you through some study advice that I have learned, and then built into my app...

Anatomical human brain

The Story of Recall

The first iOS app I created, Recall, is a tool for committing knowledge to long-term memory. Here is how it works and the story of its invention.

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Data's Tragedy of the Commons

Memory and storage virtualisation have created a problem in a world where computers have many processes competing for limited hardware resources. Since so many users don’t know (or are unable to know) how to check which processes are...

Bird's-eye view of a motherboard

We Need a Quantum Query Language Now

While quantum computers are still out of arms reach for practical applications, this is an important time to establish a standard format for querying quantum computers over the internet to get classical output. I will call this language...

Old oil painting of Plato pointing towards the sky

Object-Oriented Programming - Plato’s Paradigm

Plato’s Theory of Forms provides a great lens for thinking about Object-Oriented Programming, and I believe using this philosophical lens results in making better decisions when writing OOP code.

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Proof by Induction

Proof by induction allows us to prove things about infinite series. It is a necessary skill for computer programmers to prove that some code or algorithm does what it is supposed to do.

The tips of many coloured pencils that are stacked on top of each other

Colour Encoding Systems

Here is everything you need to know about encoding colour as a programmer.

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